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Switzerland - Turkey Euro 2020 Tickets

20 June 2021, Sunday
  • Bakü Olimpiyat Stadı, Baku
  • 19:00

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About The Event

  • Our A national team, which participated in the Euro 2020 tournament with great morale under the coaching of Şenol Güneş, is going to the Euro 2020 tournament to show the power of the Turks to the world. In the football tournament held in Qatar, our national players express at every opportunity that they will fight by putting their soul on the field to represent the star and crescent jersey in the best way they can. You too can support our national team by purchasing your ticket with the code “full support, always support” and a single click via Biletme. You can witness this historical meeting in the Olympic Stadium which football fans devoted to the star and crescent jersey eagerly await!

    Full support our national A Team!

    Buy your Switzerland - Turkey Euro 2020 ticket safely via Biletme for the match to be played at the Stadio Olimpico stadium on June 11th, 2021!

    The match at the Olimpic Stadium in Italy carries enormous importance for both teams. It will also start the Euro 2020 Tournament. Our A national football team left the field with a score of 1-1 draw in the games they played with Italy national team in 2012 and 2019 and with that drew twice in a row.

    Our crescent-star team, who could not have the opportunity to win in any of the 5 official matches between them, wants to make a good start to the tournament by winning this match.

    Show your support to our crescent-star team too!

    With the crescent-star jersey, you also can support this great challenge, which is the beginner match of the tournament. Our team under the direction of Şenol Güneş wants to start the tournament ambitiously in the giant fight to be played at the Italy Olympic Stadium on June 11th 2021.

    Our national footballers, who aim to put the mark of the Turk in Europe as it deserves, want to eliminate the negative impact of not being victorious in the last 5 matches in any way on the field.

    To reflect your support to our team to the field, buy the Turkey - Switzerland Euro 2020 match ticket immediately and join that game with all your personality.

    With the soul of 2002 under the directions of Şenol Güneş

    Achieving worlds third place in the  2002 European national football tournament held in South Korea, our A national team wants to experience the same excitement with Şenol Güneş, without losing their excitement in any way over the years.

    Do not leave our national football players alone, who will be on the field with all their soul with their football players in shape. Get your ticket right from Biletme and be one of the participants in the tournament without having to wait in line. In this way, you can follow the national match from anywhere without having to worry about waiting in line.

    Turkey's outstanding success in the group before the 2020 tournament was indeed highly appreciated and had a wide repercussion in Europe. With the same dynamism and spirit, again under the management of Şenol Güneş, our nationals will take their place in the field, thereby revealing the opportunity to show themselves in the field in the best way possible.

    You too have the chance to not leave our team alone, which will fight with the moon and star jersey on the field in the spirit of 2002, and immediately take the Turkey - Switzerland Euro 2020 match ticket via Biletme and perform the transaction quickly without waiting in line. In this way, you will benefit from the ability to quickly perform all transactions without waiting for hours.

    Make them feel that they are not alone in the Qatar tournament by supporting our national football team. In this way, with the spirit of 2002, stand by our national team, which will become the nightmare of European teams again with the staff under the management of Şenol Güneş. Come on, get your ticket right now and join national matches this summer!

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